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2020 FILMS (alphabetic)
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Aquarium (Acquario)  Italy  Narrative
dir. Lorenzo Puntoni
Two human beings, far from the other, meet: the first and carefree day at the swimming pool, the last and dramatic step of a massacre’s plan.
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After Laughter  Belgium  Narrative   *GRAND JURY PRIZE*
dir. Spencer Bogaert
A man who feels like the things of life are coming to an end after his sister passes, gets unexpected news… He inherits his sister’s pet: her parrot, Coco. The attraction between the animal and the man is explored intuitively while trying to cope with the impossibility of their harmony.
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Amantea  Netherlands  Narrative
dir. Laura Hermanides
Teddy is expecting to have a great reviving holiday with his sister Gina in Amantea, in the south of Italy, when the news of a passing family member brings back all the long forgotten demons of their childhood on Curaao.
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Bad Furniture  USA  Narrative
dir. Randall Maxwell
A man insists on being furniture for his wife.
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Ballast  Norway, Poland  Narrative
dir. Daniel Howlid
Family meeting. Lack of adult attention, upbringing mistakes, as well as unstable emotional ties and disrupted relationships, lead a young neglected child to destructive behaviour from which there is no turning back. Tragedy hangs by a thread...
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Balloon  USA  Narrative
dir. Jeremy Merrifield
For fourteen-year-old Sam, surviving junior high means staying below radar. But that becomes impossible after he becomes the target of the school’s next viral video. He’s pressured to “hit back,” but Sam isn’t so sure—even if he does have super powers.
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Bengale  Canada  Narrative
dir. Samuël L. Jodry
Two years in prison. Lucas, gets back his freedom... And Charles. But Charles just moved in with is girlfriend, Josiane. Luke feels stuck in this renewed love triangle, which brings his demons to the surface. Luke wants to keep Charles to himself, but at what price?
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Creative Evolution  Japan  Animation   *BEST ANIMATED FILM*
dir. Song Yungsung
The creative worlds of Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Delaunay, and many artists connect to each other. And a new story of life’s evolution begins traveling across the universe.
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Dagny  Norway  Narrative
dir. Bjørn Sortland
It’s 1975 in a small valley in Norway. A young girl is committing herself to a psychiatric ward. On the bus traveling to the hospital she’s the only passenger, and meets the bus driver who has just seen the movie “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”. She is experiencing the worst bus ride ever.
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Days of Rage  Canada  Narrative   *JURY PRIZE*
dir. Eli Jean Tahchi
In December 2017, as Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, Walid, a 27 year old Palestinian finds out that his uncle who raised him, is suffering from terminal cancer. The disturbing news upsets him and jeopardizes the relationship with his girlfriend especially after a provocative encounter with a man.
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Duet  USA  Experimental
dir. John Muse
“Duet confronts illness with a caress; it takes us on a journey with two different people with two distinct conditions that present obstacles to very specific senses. A film that makes us address the way that we feel, hear, see, taste, and speak.” —Lynne Sachs
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Five Foot 280  USA  Documentary
dir. Joshua Harding, Matt Klug
Puts you in the head of professional drag racer Jasmine Salinas—a quiet, introvert who comes from a family of badass racers. She takes us through her adrenaline-filled world of driving a 3,500 horsepower car while describing the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated sport.
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Flunkyball  USA  Narrative
dir. Tess Forestieri
Two worlds collide when unexpected guests arrive at Mia’s house party and she watches the night spiral out of control, caught in the crossfire of ignorance under the influence.
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Gabriel  Spain  Narrative
dir. Pierfrancesco Artini
Agatha is struck by her husband's death. She feels old and lonely, yet she starts to experience unexpected sexual desires that would lead her to buy the ultimate version of a male sex robot, Gabriel. Will she find happiness?
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Gon, the Little Fox  Japan  Animation   *VANGUARD AWARD*
dir. Takeshi Yashiro
When Gon, a playful orphaned fox, finds that young Hyoju has lost his mother, he tries to comfort him and make amends for his own earlier mischiefs by secretly bringing small gifts to the boy every day. But Hyoju doesn’t realize who is behind the anonymous gifts, and the two are headed for a heartbreaking climax.
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Irse  USA, Colombia, Venezuela  Documentary
dir. Marian Carrasquero, Jean-Philippe Dobrin
Told through the journeys of two expecting mothers seeking safety in Colombia, Irse is a window into the Venezuelan exodus and its impact on families.
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Je Suis Comme Le Roi  Canada  Narrative
dir. Louis St-Pierre
In this allegory against fascism, set inside a neighborhood family home, Charles, a young delinquent, comes back in the dead of night after getting kicked out to avenge himself against his mother, whom he blames for all his troubles.
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Kama'āina (Child of the Land)  USA  Narrative   *JURY PRIZE*
dir. Kimi Howl Lee
A queer sixteen-year-old girl, Mahina, must navigate life on the streets in Oahu, until she eventually finds refuge at the Pu’uhonua o Wai’anae––Hawaiʻi’s largest organized homeless encampment.
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Let the Blonde Sing  USA  Documentary   *VERITE AWARD*
dir. Rachel Knoll
An intimate look into a small community in Alaska through the eyes of Beverly Sue Waltz, the bartender and singer of the only bar open all-year-round.
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Love from Santiago  UK, Chile  Narrative
dir. Inti Rowland
Documents the immediate days after a girl escapes an abusive relationship. Creeping out in the early morning she flees into the open desert. Heading as far as she can get, anywhere, just not there, not anymore.
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Lucky Break  UK  Narrative
dir. John Addis
Uloaku works the graveyard shift at a dead end service station and is bored out of her mind, but a chance encounter with a suspicious stranger will soon fix that.
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Lucy’s Choice  USA, Kenya  Documentary
dir. Paige Engelhardt Smith
A mother of ten in Maasailand recalls her own circumcision and her decision to act against her husband to protect her daughter from a similar fate.
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Manzanal  USA, El Salvador  Documentary
dir. Jon Ayon
Nearly 40 years later, 12 Latinx millennials bear witness to Rufina Amaya's grave testimony about what happened at El Mozote.
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Metro6  USA, Global collaboration  Animation
dir. Geoff Hecht
Today is an important day for Zak, but everything is going horribly wrong. When his car won’t start, he has no choice but to use public transportation. During his 8-minute bus ride, Zak goes through a deeply personal metamorphosis and comes to realize the true value of human interaction.
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My Dinner with Werner  USA  Comedy
dir. Maverick Moore
Based on real events, real people, and real things they actually said – a wildly bizarre and wacky farce about a 1987 dinner date with a murder plot as the main dish.
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Particles  USA  Narrative
dir. Josh Beck
Stephanie is in the desert and she wants to get home.
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Peter Has to Go to the Doctor  USA  Comedy
dir. Courtney Ulrich
Peter is 19 years-old and has a doctor's appointment today to discuss an embarrassing sexual problem. What he didn't count on was he mom showing up to the doctor's appointment for moral support...
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Roots and Wings: Yana Gilbuena  USA  Documentary
dir. Lisa Yadao, Michelle Sampior, Irene Yadao
Nomadic chef Yana Gilbuena discusses growing up in Iloilo, Philippines, how she got her start as a chef in the pop-up space and left her day job to spread the Filipino food gospel to all 50 states in the US, and the future of Filipino cuisine.
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Saudade  USA  Narrative
dir. Alexi Papalexopoulos
A man examines his current state of mind while in a self isolated quarantine.
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Shredded  Israel  Documentary
dir. Noam Stolerman
An aging bodybuilder is on the path to becoming a champion. Moments before emerging as a finalist, he might face a heartache.
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Tan Paints the Tenderloin  USA  Documentary
dir. Matthew Bunker
A Thai immigrant finds creative inspiration and a new home in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.
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Two Prisons  USA  Documentary   *IMPACT AWARD*
dir. Casey Carter, Colleen Cassingham
A young Chinese dissident navigates memories of persecution and paranoia at the hands of Beijing’s political police, while he awaits the result of his application for asylum in New York City.
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Unnur  USA, Iceland  Documentary   *VERITE AWARD*
dir. Chris Burkard
Elli Thor is an Icelandic photographer, surfer, and former kayaker. A decade ago Elli nearly drowned under a waterfall while kayaking a challenging Icelandic river. The near death experience became a catalyst for personal growth and his professional career. After walking away from kayaking, a newfound passion for surfing and the birth of his daughter Unnur gave him a new perspective worth living for.
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Wall Piano  Palestine  Experimental   *IMPACT AWARD*
dir. Asma Ghanem, Christopher Marianetti, Alexia Webster
Wall Piano takes us into a daydream of a child who lives under the shadow of a separation wall near the Qalandia checkpoint in Ramallah, Palestine, a frontline of the West Bank conflict.
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Waters into Wilderness  USA  Dance
dir. Quinn Wharton
A dance film looking at the impact of community space when it’s not filled with the community. Featuring LED, choreographed by Lauren Edson, Danced by Brett Perry, and music by Andrew Stensaas