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Let the Blonde Sing Screened Oct. 23-25
“A singer runs away to the end of the world and comforts people at the only open bar.” – F3 Film Magazine
Let the Blonde Sing  USA  Documentary      Film Website
An intimate look into a small community in Alaska through the eyes of Beverly Sue Waltz, the bartender of the only bar open all-year-round.

Born in Texas, Beverly had dreams of becoming a country singer and traveled around the US performing at a young age. Pregnant at 15 and escaping a troublesome relationship, Beverly found herself in a small Alaskan town where she cares for her community that gathers in the Anchor Inn bar, occasionally singing on the bar's stage that was built for her.
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Rachel Knoll
Director Bio : Rachel works on a range of video and interactive projects with an emphasis on finding new and innovative ways to capture and tell human-centric stories. Combining her interest in emerging technologies and know-how of traditional disciplines, Rachel has been recognized internationally for her perspective by Wired Magazine, Vimeo Staff Picks, The National Film Board of Canada, The Atlantic, Vice, Adweek, and Fast Company.