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Days of Rage Screened Oct. 23-25
“On a tightrope, juggling cultural and personal identities.”
– F3 Film Magazine
Days of Rage  Canada, Switzerland  Narrative
In December 2017, as Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, Walid, a 27 year old Palestinian finds out that his uncle who raised him, is suffering from terminal cancer. The disturbing news upsets him and jeopardizes the relationship with his girlfriend especially after a provocative encounter with a man.
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Eli Jean Tahchi
Director Bio : Eli Jean Tahchi is a Lebanese filmmaker and actor. Holding a bachelor in film production from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, he moves to Montreal in 2011 and completes a Master degree in Cinema. He earns an excellent mention for his film "She is Lars" and for its thesis on the female sacrificial space in Lars von Trier films. Eli Jean believes in the power of cinema to make a social change. His committed cinema is sharp, human and metaphorically charged. He works in fiction, documentary, music video and experimental. His two documentaries "The Migrant Woman" & "The Migrant Mixtape” have won awards at several international festivals. Since 2011, he continues to accumulate many culturally diverse projects and award-winning genres touring around the world.