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Bad Furniture
“Thought provoking. Fetish? punishment? contemporary humanity’s yearning for purpose and the boundaries of functional roles. A metaphor for how we treat each other, or what we’re willing to sacrifice to support a relationship or a complex of martyrdom? or just bad furniture.” – F3 Film Magazine
Bad Furniture  USA  Narrative      Film Website
A man insists on being furniture for his wife.
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Randall Maxwell
Director Bio : After working a gauntlet of fascinating assistant jobs in his twenties, including a surreal tenure as Spielberg's personal production assistant, Randall Maxwell has since embarked on a blaze of independent filmmaking. As a director, editor, writer and producer, his filmmaking work spans feature-length and short-form narrative, documentary, music videos and viral content.

His work has screened at festivals worldwide, including Cannes, SXSW and Slamdance, and has been featured in a variety of news outlets, including NBC, Meet the Press, The Atlantic, Esquire and National Geographic, among others. As part of MEL Films, Maxwell earned an Edward R. Murrow Award for Journalism in 2016, and was part of a team that won Best Short Form Series at the IDA Awards in 2018. Most recently, Maxwell worked for Participant Media, where he led teams to create documentary content for its digital social impact campaigns. Maxwell currently is developing longer form narrative projects, including a Bad Furniture feature film.

Director Statement :Bad Furniture is an ode to love language, depicting relationship dynamics through the abstraction of a forniphiliac married couple in the midst of a crisis of communication. When we give ourselves to another in a relationship, there can be a danger in giving too much, and for me the film illustrates what it feels like to lose yourself in a relationship, and possibly what it looks like to break free.