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Five Foot 280
“A professional drag racer shatters this world of speed and male domination.” – F3 Film Magazine
Five Foot 280  USA  Documentary      Film Website
Puts you in the head of professional drag racer Jasmine Salinas—a quiet, introvert who comes from a family of badass racers. She takes us through her adrenaline-filled world of driving a 3,500 horsepower car while describing the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated sport.
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Joshua Harding, Matt Klug
Director Bios :
Josh Harding grew up on the shores of Maryland, spending most of his days on the water, camera in hand and chasing the light. After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in photography, he made is way to new horizons on the coast of California.What started as a spark turned into a decade-long career as an advertising photographer and filmmaker in San Francisco. With a wide spectrum of experience from editorial to commercial, documentary to studio, product to lifestyle, Josh's talents flex to meet the needs of the narrative. Whether it’s a cowboy in Texas, a kid in Dubai, or a winemaker in Sonoma, he goes where the story is. In his spare time you can find him cooking and chasing down good eats around the globe. He currently works at IDEO, a global design company.

Matt Klug was harvested in North Dakota, where the people are friendly and the winters are harsh. After a well-rounded upbringing, Klug (as he’s called by most who know him) made his way to Texas where he’d plant the seeds of what’s grown to become a 20-year career in advertising. A career that’s taken him all around the globe as he’s helped build all kinds of brands—from windows to wine—and some big names even the folks back home in Grand Forks would recognize. When he’s not working his creative magic for the Googles, Apples, and State Farms of the world, Klug can be found unearthing some of the best pool halls in San Francisco, where he currently calls home.