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After Laughter
“A nuanced and provocative observation of an ironic gazing.”
– F3 Film Magazine
After Laughter  Belgium  Narrative    Film Website
A man who feels like the things of life are coming to an end after his sister passes, gets unexpected news… He inherits his sister’s pet: her parrot, Coco. The attraction between the animal and the man is explored intuitively while trying to cope with the impossibility of their harmony.
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Spencer Bogaert
Director Bio : Spencer Bogaert (1997, Ghent BELGIUM) is currently finishing his Master degree in cinema at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. He started as a theatre actor at a very young age. During his teenage years he made the transition to movie acting, starring in a couple of films, both in Belgium and internationally. As a kid, he always wanted to become an architect because he hoped to find the perfect balance between rationality and esthetics. It was on a filmset however where he thought he recognised the same symbiosis he was looking for in architecture. During his studies, the audiovisual complexity - even in the simplest of stories - became an obsession. The combination of acting and directing is the research domain and starting point for his thesis, as he will also apply this in practice for his Master-film.