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Production Still from the film, 2.57K, by Eva Colmers
Film Round-Up 2023
Surveying this year’s selections, definite themes emerge. Not surprisingly, it boils down to humanity’s position relative to anything else. But more specifically, the most presented theme was of “ritual” followed closely by the theme of “the afterlife” followed by “a questioning of reality” followed thereafter by “spirituality” and “societal crises.”

Perhaps one could say that these themes are more the result of the psychology of the staff at
sf shorts. However, sf shorts tends to select films for the quality of their form and/or content, over the subject matter. Let quality be considered the best communication of the zeitgeist.

13830 Kewanna Trail
A masterful deftly toned juxtaposition of personal and societal exclusion by pervasive inept gatekeepers.

A gorgeous museum-worthy nuance of being through the vibration of elemental atomized energy.

ABURIDASHI Assortment: Video Letters Written in Invisible Ink
A dynamic animated ritual to comprehend societal trauma.

Come Clean
An insightful characterization of the fear, and yet need, of an other.

He Won't Belong
A spacious dreamy and unsettling neo-noir tale of isolation and reliance.

Huyuko’s Summer
Beautifully crafted and timed on all levels, with a sharp contemporary balance of snark and exuberance.

Iwao Hakamata: Rituals of Deliverance
A restrained and poignant vérité portrait of innermost fantasy’s manifestation from extreme containment.

Lego Oma
A motivating profile revealing accessibility as visible art.

The Lucena Position
A deftly ramping bout of archetypal tension within a domestic colosseum.

Magnified City
An inversive allegorical mythos worthy of Plato’s cave.

A compelling and disturbing prophesy, imagining human distrust of interactive programming.

Notice of Rejection
A wry masterful opus of rotoscopic alchemy.

Pose Right There (A Ver Ponte Ahí)
A smart and vivid tribute essay.

An artful insight of symbolic dreamscape.

Specs 3
A dynamic composition that challenges expectations through elemental variation..

Los Colores del Intestino Son Tan Lindos (The Colors of the Intestine Are So Beautiful)
A profound navigation of awareness and dying.

The Old Young Crow
A transcendent and richly dimensional odyssey.

These Were Not Simple Deaths
An adroit paradox of presenting the incomprehensible.
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