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Iwao Hakamata: Rituals of Deliverance
“A restrained and poignant vérité portrait of innermost fantasy’s manifestation from extreme containment.” – F3 Film Magazine
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Iwao Hakamata: Rituals of Deliverance  Japan  Documentary
dir. Noah Matsuki Halbur
After 45 years, Iwao Hakamata was delivered from a death sentence upon a reexamination of evidence. However, due to physical and emotional torture, he now suffers mental illness. His daily rituals continue to revolve around illusions he developed while incarcerated.
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Noah Matsuki Halbur
Director Bio :
Noah Matsuki Halbur is a student in the liberal arts course at Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama, Japan. Born in the United States, he has lived in Japan since 2011.