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Los Colores del Intestino Son Tan Lindos (The Colors of the Intestine Are So Beautiful)
“A profound navigation of awareness and dying.” – F3 Film Magazine
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Los Colores del Intestino Son Tan Lindos (The Colors of the Intestine Are So Beautiful) USA, Argentina  Experimental Documentary
dir. Alejo Perez-Stable Husni
An adult filmmaker cares for his grandmother, while exploring her past and the art of his mother.
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Alejo Perez-Stable Husni
Director Bio :
Alejo Perez-Stable Husni is a filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. He holds a Masters degree in history from The Johns Hopkins University, with a concentration in Latin America, and believes history and filmmaking are powerful complements in world building and storytelling projects. Alejo has worked at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco, and is currently freelancing as a cinematographer.
Director Statement :
Can we redeem the unfulfilled desires of our ancestors? Is remembering them and the stories they told enough? Thinking about the past often leaves us feeling nostalgic. I think of the unfinished novels, the paintings left behind, universities not attended, the trips that never taken. I try to explore how my family retells stories, and how these stories transcend memory and loss, the role art plays in this dynamic, and what it means to me as part of the youngest generation.