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Pose Right There (A Ver Ponte Ahí)
“A smart and vivid tribute essay.” – F3 Film Magazine
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Pose Right There (A Ver Ponte Ahí)  US  Documentary
dir. Flor Marmolejo
Revisiting a family album and an opportune trip lead to a revelation.
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Flor Marmolejo
Director Bio :
Cinema student Flor Marmolejo is a first time filmmaker at San Francisco State University. In August 2022 she was recognized by the SFO Video Arts Program as an Emerging Filmmaker for her short, "A ver ponte ahí." For her work on the film, she also received an award for "Excellence in Non-fiction Filmmaking" from the San Francisco State University School of Cinema in May 2021. An aspiring editor, she's collaborated internationally on short documentaries and feature documentaries.