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The Last Fisherman
Winner of Verite Award
“A tragic and sublime ode to an ancient mariner way of life forced out by the modern world.” – F3 Film Magazine
The Last Fisherman  France  Documentary
In a small village in the south of France, Alex lives his days as the last fisherman.
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Jan Jäckle
Director Statement :
In the little creek of Méjean located in the south of France, Alex lives his last days as a fisherman. For hundreds of years, only fishermen lived in the creek and local fishery has perpetuated itself down through the generations. Through the centuries there was always one fisherman sorting his nets out in the harbor of the beautiful village.... Until the summer of 2020 when everything would change ...

Director Bio :
Born in Paris from German parents, I have started out as a cinematographer and cameraman in Passau and Marseille. I am 23 years old and in my second year of field experience. After studying Media and Philosophy abroad and in Germany, I decided to work in France and start with documentary projects. I grew up in Spain and France, and have always been intertwined in different cultures, from which I took parts of their habits and rituals and learned from the way that each culture would interact within its society. That part lead me to become very curious about the world, and I have always been interested in the following of personal stories and relationships.

I studied Media and Communication, as well as Philosophy at the German University of Passau and also studied history and religion, as well as psychology and history of arts in Japan and Italy.

Being passionate about filming and capturing powerful and beautiful stories, I try to use the lens and the framing as a medium in which a person represents itself in front of the camera rather than trying to impose my point of view on a subject or location. Having learned from different cinematographers, through their and my errors, I find myself in a continuous learning process and try to progress in my ability to tell a visual story. I am now currently involved in the filming and directing of stories happening in Marseille that will be filmed from September onwards as well as the closing of different stories captured in Japan and Africa.