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Winner of Jury Prize
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“The breadth and structure of a feature film with keen characterization of the uncertainty and drama of youthful masculinity.” – F3 Film Magazine
Flow  Belgium  Narrative
Friendship, boredom and collision at the riverside in the French Ardennes.
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Sebastian Schaevers
Director Bio :
Sebastian Schaevers (1998, Leuven, BE) will complete his Master studies in cinema at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium in 2022. Eager to be an actor at first, his love for filming and capturing his surroundings drew him into filmmaking and directing. He has been combining his work as a cinematographer and director for the past couple of years while continuing his film studies in Ghent and at the Audiovisual Arts department at Kingston University in London (2020). Since his return from London he has lived in Brussels. He is now working on photo prints, a publication, his thesis and his Master film.
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